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Property Development in Melbourne - Kalex

We believe in a creative, collaborative culture. With a unique perspective on boutique property development, we build relationships with the best tradespeople, creative talent and craftsmen that Melbourne has to offer. Together we create quality spaces to rouse response: detailed spaces to fill Melbourne’s pockets.

We value quality and we deliver. Reflected in our commitment to sustainable property development, we create quality spaces to expand upon a concept. Contextually aware, we take Melbourne’s past and present in account, developing sustainable boutique property that is suggestive for the future.

We support Melbourne’s creative culture. A product of our collaborative approach to quality property development, the spaces we create are of certain uniqueness. In combination with Melbourne’s finest creative talent, we develop boutique property to have a deep understanding of the human experience.

We design for life. Created with the occupant in mind: the look, feel and touch of our boutique town houses respond effortlessly to the ways in which we live. Harbouring a seamless inhabitancy, our development of boutique property aims to maximize the potential of the space in that we live, work and play in.

We build for communities. Our boutique apartment spaces are designed with a deep understanding of human engagement. Classic spaces to provide an enjoyable living experience: our development of boutique apartments respond effortlessly to the ways in which we live, interact and play.